About Hudson Highlands Land Trust

We are a diverse gathering of hundreds of people who live, work and play in this magnificent region of the Hudson River Valley. We want to protect what we love about the Highlands. The Land Trust preserves special places that should exist forever unspoiled and natural.

The waters and lands of the Hudson Highlands contain some of the most biologically diverse flora and fauna in the United States. Some plants and animals found here exist nowhere else. The confluence of the Hudson River and the geological formations of the Highlands result in a landscape unlike any found elsewhere in the eastern United States. Our landscape is unique and relatively rural in character, and thus deserving of special protection.

The Hudson Highlands Land Trust has been working privately with landowners since 1989, when local residents united to form an organization that would provide conservation options for individuals. Since then, we have collaborated with landowners, municipalities and regional conservation organizations to preserve hundreds of these of these very special acres.

Significant parts of our natural heritage are being saved for generations to come. They will enjoy what we have come to love because people like you insisted today that some areas should be forever natural.

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